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Just the FAQs...

Monarch Bay Tree history
Monarch Bay Association
Q1. I am planning on remodeling my home, how do I proceed?
A1. Here is a quick link to the Architectural Application or the Architectural Guidelines. Also here is a link to the building height table which identifies the maximum allowable height for each lot.

Q2. I know the land lease expires in 2020 but I would like to buy my land now, is that possible?
A2. There is currently not an opportunity to purchase your land before 2020.

Q3. My neighbor has a barking dog, will the Association take care of this?
A3. The Association can send a compliance letter; however, we have found that the involvement of Animal Control Services is much more effective in dealing with this situation. Please contact Animal Services at (949) 492-1617.

Q4. How do I go about changing my guest information with the guardhouse?
A4. As of November 2013, we are utilizing a software system called dwellingLIVE. You can go online at to change your guest lists and add permanent and temporary guests.

Q5. I purchased a new vehicle and need a new decal, how do I obtain one?
A5. Please call Progressive Community Management at (949) 582-7770 to be provided with the decal.

Q6. Who is PF Consultants and why do I mail them my ground rent payment?
A6. PF Consultants is an entity owned by CalWestern Finance and they collect the ground rent payments from each lease and then disburse the proportionate amount to MMB, LLC and to Cal Western each quarter. Those owners that purchased their land in 2012 no longer are subject to ground rent payments.

Q7. My neighbor's tree is blocking my ocean view but I don't want to approach them. Will the Association help with this?
A7. Please see the Association's Tree/View Policy for assistance. We ask that you make the initial contact with your neighbor pursuant to step 1 of the policy. This typically resolves the issue amicably; however, if further assistance is needed, please proceed with the following steps identified in the policy.

Q8. Have you ever wondered about the magnificent tree at the entrance of our community?
A8. A brief history of the tree is available here.

Q9. Are historic Monarch Bay photos available online?
A9. If you would like to view historic aerial photos of our community, they are online at: Search “monarch beach” or “salt creek.” It is a very interesting website to check out next time you are surfing the web.

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