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Annual Calendar 2018
*Please note that Association meetings are subject to change. Please refer to your most recent newsletter or contact Progressive for updated information.

All streeets within the Pelican Crest Community Association are swept twice per month on Saturday mornings. Please assist with this procedure by ensuring all vehicles are parked on your property, to keep the streets free and clear for sweeping. Thank you!

Fiscal year begins
Implement new budget
Calendar re-adoption
Reserve/accumulated fund balance reconciliation
Audit to begin
Legal Counsel-Legislative Update
Management Contract renews 1/18
Annual Management Certification Disclosure
Review Reserve Projects
Reserve items to schedule for 2018: granite pavers, asphalt repairs and slurry seal, tree trimming: Corals-trimmed 12.2017, Pines-trimmed 12.2017, New Zealand Christmas Trees: to be bid
Board Meeting: 1/18/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Annual Roadway Inspection
Committee and inspections with contractors
Board Meeting: 2/15/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Taxes filed
Review Architectural Guidelines for revisions and subsequent mailing for comment
Schedule with Harvest, spring HaHa Fence/Area inspection- prior to mandatory fuel mod clearing to be completed by May 31st
Approval of draft Audit
Board Meeting: 3/15/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Audit to be mailed to all homeowners prior to 30th w. the CA4041 solicitation
Obtain Inspector of Election proposals
Appoint Nominating Committee/Election Committee
Finalize Annual Meeting location and date
Fuel Modification Area clearing due by 5/31
Board Meeting: 4/19/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Approve proposal for Inspectors of Election
Send Candidacy Statement forms (w/May newsletter)
Board Meeting: 5/17/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Secretary of State filing, odd years
Obtain bids for reserve study
Provide labels to Inspector of Election for Annual Election notice and secret ballot mailing-after 6/15
Board Meeting: 6/21/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Select reserve study contractor
Prepare for annual meeting- confirm with Inspectors of Election
Board Meeting: Date: 7/19/18

Approve insurance renewal/invite agent to attend
Preliminary Budget Preparation
Annual Meeting: 3rd Thursday of the month
After Annual meeting: prep minutes for review in Sept., make new Board roster and send to all at Progressive, send notice results within 15 days of election
Harvest to supply fall tree trimming proposals
New Signature Cards
Board Meeting: 8/16/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Budget review
Fuel Mod clearing ($8700) and vacant lot review
Request of Harvest to perform HaHa Fence/Area Inspection to include v ditches
Tree Trimming Commencement, as approved
. . . . . . *Coral Tree Trimming (52-annually) 09: $6120, 10: $3910, 11:
. . . . . . 12: $3910, 13:$4140, 14: $4680, 15: $4680, 16: ___
. . . . . . *New Zealand Christmas Trees (210-annually or bi-annually) 10: $7350,
. . . . . . 12: $14,820 w. other trees, 13: $7904, 14: $8400, 16: $9300 New Zeal & 4 entry palms
. . . . . . *Pines (210-every 2-3 yrs, Res. Study every 2 yrs) 07:$15,165.00, 09: $15,165, 11:$14,820
. . . . . . . . . . . . 14:$14,820, 16: $15,144
Board Meeting: Date 9/20/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Obtain approval for budget and budget package
Insurance Renews 10/18
Obtain audit proposals
Landscape contract renews, November
Board Meeting: 10/18/18 Newport Coast Community Center

Select CPA to perform audit
Mail budget, delinq. policy, reserve study by 15th
Policy review (email, cease and desist, committee appointments, FYI section)
Service Providers Holiday Recognition Consideration
Board Meeting: Date 11/15/18 Newport Coast Community Center NCCC not available on this date

Board Meeting: 12/20/18 Newport Coast Community Center

*Quarterly legal disclosure if pending litigation

NOTES: Steve Craig stores three one of the Association's green, decorative street light posts at his company's warehouse as well as three street light globes. Location: 4325 Prado Rd., #107, Corona, CA 91720